About Melanie Gutierrez

Best Maternity Pillow

As a full-time nutritionist and mom, I know how important it is to get some decent rest at the end of a long tiring day. Not only is it necessary for being able to function at work and take care of my family, but it’s also essential for my own well-being.

I know that I’m not the only mom whose stress levels were especially high during pregnancy. As a result, I struggled to fall asleep and stay asleep. I just wasn’t comfortable, and I wasn’t waking up feeling rested.

When a friend suggested that I try a pregnancy pillow, I was skeptical. I had encountered a few full-body pillows before and I wasn’t particularly impressed with any of them, probably because they were on the absolute budget end. I’m very glad that I gave this type of pillow a second chance. It all comes down to finding the right pillow for your unique pregnancy. Everyone is different, and I’m sure that different pregnancy pillows work well for different people. In my own experience, the Body Nest provided exactly the level of support and comfort I needed.

I live in Miami with my husband and our two daughters, ages four and one. When I’m not working, blogging, or spending time with my family, I love going for long walks, heading to the beach, and trying out healthy new recipes in the kitchen.

I have a busy life, and I’m grateful to have discovered a pillow like the Body Nest -- which I still use regularly -- that can help me relax and get the sleep I deserve.

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