How did I evaluate the pregnancy pillows?

  1. I slept with each pillow for several nights during each trimester of pregnancy
  2. I evaluated whether the pillow improved my sleep comfort
  3. I considered how cool the pillow’s fabric stayed throughout the night
  4. I evaluated the quality and durability of each pillow
  5. I considered how much back and side support the pillow offered
  6. I evaluated the shape, size, and length of each pillow
  7. I used each pillow after pregnancy as a full-body pillow
  8. I considered the softness and comfort of each pillow’s fabric
  9. I observed how well each pillow kept its shape after repeated use
  10. I judged the overall appearance and design of the pillow

What were the most important factors for choosing a pregnancy pillow?

  1. Supportive filling won’t collapse or flatten

  2. Cool, comfortable fabrics

  3. Firm but not overly stiff

  4. Easy to clean

  5. Tough, high-quality stitching and zippers

  6. Full-body support for pregnancy or non-pregnancy use

  7. Not overly long or bulky

  8. Good value for money